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05 Dec

Well I've been wanting to do this for many months and here I am, finally. For so long I've put this off; it's time to crack my knuckles and get some thoughts down onto some intangible, nonexistent paper. I'm also pretty sure my wife is tired of hearing me talk about cars. Oh, yeah, this a car blog; mainly. Though I'll probably talk about whatever I'd like to: movies, music, the plight of the working man --- The usual things that matter to a 24 year old, this is MY blog after all (I won't get too political, really). 

Often times I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is look at my wife and think about how very lucky I am to have someone who puts up with my constant prattling about motor vehicles, politics and why American Cheese isn't really cheese at all. And ultimately how much I really love her. That thought is quickly followed by another: how great it would be to jam a K-series into a NA miata. ITBs, Haltech ECU, full custom center-exit exhaust, I mean the works! Or how great a late second gen firebird would look if I were to slam it, throw on some ridiculous over fenders, and bolt up some really fat meats on all four corners and route the exhaust out of the sides in front of the rear wheels. My thoughts really just look like the canceled 2020 SEMA show for lack of better ability to explain. 

It's really amazes how I've come to love the automobile so much (here comes some really standard, cliche drivel about what automobiles mean to gear heads like myself and maybe yourself, please stand by): Cars are a symbol of freedom. A symbol of self expression. They have the ability to give us life, really make us feel. After all, isn't that what life is really about? Cars enable us to get out of our daily routines and experience new things, take us new places, take us to meet new people. The experiences we have IN our cars are equally as important! You find a new favorite song off of a mix CD titled "BANGERS" you found under the driver seat in the MK4 GTI you just bought off a kid with a Flyers lanyard dangling out of his pocket and a vape in his hand. The first time we get a speeding ticket. Our first kisses. Our Last kisses. 

A motor vehicle will be involved, in some capacity, in a majority of the memories we have, thats just a fact, through the ups and the downs. A vehicle of some sort brought you home from the hospital, brought home your first child, took you to your first apartment, to your first day of college. And frankly, you'll be transported to your chosen grave plot by some ghastly hearse... Sorry, too macabre? 

I digress... I could go on for pages continuing to spew cliches about how cars fill up our souls and grant us freedoms few others things can but I'll stop here. I feel this my be a good place to stop, though frankly I feel this inaugural posting is a bit short... No matter! With any luck and frankly; effort, you'll hear from me again. I'll leave you this week with this: "Quello che c'è dietro di te non ha importanza." 

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